2019 Proposed Budget

Events+Uncategorized // December 18, 2018 //
This amount includes the recent hire of a Minister of Children and a potential hire of a PT Worship Leader.
Help Us Lead (Personnel) $121,063
Staff Salaries  (Includes: Lead Pastor, Minister of Local Outreach, Students, Kids, Worship) $99,500
FT Benefits $21,563
Help Us Minister (Operating) $94,850 This ministry amount reflects our various ministries to love our city and the world. We are grateful for our ministry leaders supporting all that Restoration Church does.
Facilities $34,000
Fellowships $2,500
Storage $2,400
Music/Technology $6,500
Marketing (Web/Print) $3,300
First Impressions $4,000
Pastor Hospitality $4,000
Kids $4,000
Leadership Retreat $2,500
Leadership Meetings (Dinners) $2,500
Leadership Fun Day $500
Next Steps $2,500
Small Groups $6,000
Women’s Discipleship $500
Students $5,750
Volunteer Appreciation $1,000
Planning Center Online $5,400
Resources/Materials $1,500
Financial/Legal Admin $3,000
Other Admin $3,000
Help Us Go (Missions) $21,591 This amount reflects our church’s commitment to give a minimum of 10% or our undesignated receipts to missions.
Church Planting $4,318
Cooperative Program $10,796
Summit Network $6,477
TOTAL 237,504
This proposed budget reflects a 12% increase over 2017 giving. We recognize that step will require faith and obedience, but we are making this commitment in order to increase our efforts to reach the next generation for Christ.  Please review this budget this week, pray about it, and bring the bottom of this document with you to the service next week. If you have any questions about this proposal, please feel free to email our finance team at: finance@restorationrdu.com

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