Wisdom and Wealth

First, thank you for being so encouraging throughout this series. Many of you have expressed to me, both verbally and through email, how thankful you are that we are talking about money. I realize many pastors do avoid the topics of generosity and stewardship;...

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Women's Event "Hesed Love"

Over the past few months, we have studied the book of Ruth in our Genuine Love series. As we approach the end, we invite women to join us at the Factory YMCA on Saturday May 21st 7-9pm for a night of Hesed Love!

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GeneroCity '14

  [social_button button="twitter" tcount ="none" tvia ="restorationrdu"]  [social_button button="facebook" flayout="standard " fwidth="450" faction="like" fcolorsheme="light"] We are excited to announce a new tradition that we are going to start around here...

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Santa Clause: "Ho-Ho-Ho!" or "No-No-No"?

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