Serve Our City

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We care deeply about the people who live in our city. Our desire is to demonstrate the gospel in a real, tangible way to them. At Restoration, our greatest resource is our people. Therefore, we have decided to partner with a few local ministries that are making a large impact in our city by providing both financial and volunteer service.


Bread of Life

Jesus emptied Himself for us. In fact, “The only way for Jesus to get us out of our spiritual poverty and into spiritual riches was to get out of his spiritual riches into spiritual poverty.” This is the gospel. It is the life we want to emulate.


Our church has partnered with Bread of Life Outreach to provide meals for over one hundred needy families on the first Saturday of each month. We would love to invite you to be a part of this opportunity. You can expect to love on people by interacting with them, carrying boxes of food to their car, helping with administration, and much more.


We hope that you will join us in demonstrating the love of God to our city.


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