Wisdom and Wealth

Uncategorized // February 20, 2019 //

First, thank you for being so encouraging throughout this series. Many of you have expressed to me, both verbally and through email, how thankful you are that we are talking about money. I realize many pastors do avoid the topics of generosity and stewardship; however, we have been very intentional in our efforts to discuss these topics openly at our church. We believe money is a discipleship issue.

With that said, I wanted to further equip you with a few resources I hope you’ll take advantage of. Please see the research I’ve done below. I trust the Lord will use this as you seek financial freedom for the sake of being more generous like Jesus.

  1. Article called, “Best Budgeting Apps and Personal Financial Tools for 2019.” This article is helpful to know which Apps are best to download to your phone for your personal budgeting.
  2. Article called, “How to Make a Monthly Budget that Works” and “15 Practical Budgeting Tips.
  3. Article called, “Should I Give to My Local Church First…or to Other Ministries?”
  4. Article called, “Gospel-Giving Guide.” This is a guide to what gospel-giving looks like.
  5. Article called, “Five Bad Excuses for Not Giving to Your Church.”
  6. Article called, “7 Reasons Why My Wife and I Plan to Give More to God’s Work.
  7. Article called, “A Booby Trap in the Christian Budget.

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